5 Tips For NEW Or STRUGGLING Traders & Investors (MUST WATCH)

Trading and investing are difficult professions, especially for beginners or those currently struggling. As an options trader, I can definitely attest to the fact that the journey to success is a long and challenging one. Understanding implied volatility, option pricing models, the option "Greeks" like Delta, Theta, or Vega, developing proper risk management skills and trade adjustment tactics...and of course learning to control myself and my emotions through it all was NOT easy! So join me in this video as I provide you with 5 very important tips that I learned on my own journey. They will provide you with some peace of mind and offer guidance on what things to focus on with your own trading and what things to block out!

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0:00 Introduction
1:25 Tip #1: Don't Compare Yourself To Others
3:27 Tip #2: Accept That Trading Is Hard
5:34 Tip #3: Small, Consistent Wins & Manageable Losses
7:35 Tip #4: Ignore The Hype & Financial Media
9:41 Tip #5: Have An Outlet For Stress & Frustration

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