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In this video, we’ll define the 5 phases of the project management process and explain how each stage fits into the project life cycle. Learn more about the PM process on our blog: https://teamgan.tt/3M1eiMs

00:00 - Introduction
00:32 - The 5 phases of project management
01:18 - Step 1: Project initiation and conception
02:21 - Step 2: Project planning
02:42 - Project scope
03:05 - Project estimation
03:34 - Communication plan
04:04 - Risk management plan
04:50 - Step 3: Project execution
06:13 - Step 4: Project monitoring and control
06:30 - Project goals
06:51 - Quality of deliverables
07:14 - Team performance
07:40 - Step 5: Project closure
08:13 - Celebrate the project
08:24 - Hold a retrospective meeting
08:36 - Create a project closure report
09:24 - Put the project management process to work

There are a lot of ways to run a project. But to run one successfully, you have to consider all aspects of the project—from scope and budget to the tasks and conversations that take place after the project is launched and executed.

Traditionally, there are 5 project management phases that make up the project life cycle:

1. Project initiation & conception
2. Project planning
3. Project execution
4. Project monitoring & control
5. Project closure

In some ways, these project management steps show what goes on behind the scenes before a project might come to a project manager’s attention. Think of this as a roadmap to help you take a project from an idea to completion.

If this process feels too rigid for you, that’s okay! Pick up the fundamentals, understand how the steps are formalized, and make decisions on how the steps can apply to you, your team, or your organization.


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