#5: On the Road to Seeking Knowledge in Egypt (طلب العلم في مصر) || AMAU

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00:00 Introduction
02:03 Brother Ya’qub’s background in seeking knowledge
05:33 Studying Arabic in Egypt
08:12 Can a complete beginner go to Egypt?
09:19 You get out what you put in
12:53 Motivation vs Discipline
15:28 Studying The Qur'an in Egypt
16:37 Common mistakes when travelling to seek knowledge
19:14 Important logistics of travelling to Egypt
27:27 Remind yourself of your objective
28:51 Other Islamic sciences besides Qur’an and Arabic
29:39 Managing your finances in Egypt
37:55 Can sisters seek knowledge in Egypt?
39:25 The different centres available in Egypt
46:07 The option of having private tuition
47:22 The beauty of brotherhood in seeking knowledge
48:56 This is just the start of your journey
51:09 Summary of all the financials
54:48 Different types of Qur'an centres
59:09 Importance of who you befriend
1:01:06 Advice for those who want to embark on this path

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BarakAllahu feekum.

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