5 MYTHS about Fruit and Weight Loss Busted! | Mastering Diabetes

Are fruits good for diabetics? People keep googling that. It's ridiculous. But we can't blame you. The advent of the internet has brought conflicting information to your screens, leaving you baffled about the role of fruit in your diet and diabetes management.

Recently, doctors, experts, and influencers have bombarded us with claims that fruits are detrimental to our health. Much like white table sugar, they assert that fruits can cause weight gain and raise blood glucose levels.

Then you have the plant-based community like us proposing the exact opposite, urging you to reduce dietary fat, eliminate meat and dairy, and embrace fruits. Because incorporating fruits into your diet is an excellent strategy for enhancing metabolic health, promoting weight loss, and sustaining long-term well-being.

With such conflicting perspectives, it becomes crucial to seek clarity. In this case, let science settle the debate.

From 'fruit is just carbs' to 'fruit is worse for you than meat', here's Cyrus to shatter those stubborn myths!

00:00 - Intro
6:10 - Myth 1: Fruit is just carbs, and carbs are bad
14:32 - Myth 2: Eating fruit is like eating spoonfuls of table sugar
19:21 - Myth 3: Fruit spikes your blood sugar
24:12 - The Mastering Diabetes method
24:40 - Myth 4: Eating fruit will make you gain weight
40:05 - Myth 5: Fruit is worse for you than meat
48:13 - Summary

Watch and Enjoy!
Cyrus & Robby

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