5 Minute Tutorial: How to integrate HubSpot with Confluence

This 5-minute tutorial gives you a quick overview of how to seamlessly embed your #hubspot into #confluence Cloud to ensure a single source of customer data across all systems.

HubSpot is a powerful source of information for the people who make decisions in your organization. But it’s not always easy to get HubSpot contact, deal, and company data into Confluence Cloud. That’s where our integration with HubSpot comes in!
With this integration, you can quickly move all your important HubSpot CRM records into Confluence so that everyone on your team has access to them from a central platform.
While there are many HubSpot integrations out there, we’re certain that you’ll see the benefits of having a simple workflow that integrates data about customer companies into Confluence for every user to see and act upon.

Try it for free: https://marketplace.atlassian.com/apps/1228240/hubspot-jira-crm

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