5 leadership styles to boost performance // #manager #management #leadershipdevelopment

What’s the difference between a manager and a leader?
In most cases, the answer is simple: leadership skills.
A great manager can adapt to their team's needs, use different styles to boost performance and communicate effectively.
Great managers adapt to their team's needs and use different styles to boost performance.
How does each leadership style boost performance?
Laissez-faire style is effective when leading a smart, organised group of self-starters.
Under this style, the manager lets the team work without interfering or supervising.
Autocratic style works best when there's a tight deadline or a team needs strict supervision.
Under this style, one leader makes all decisions and issues orders.
Democratic: a shared style that encourages equal input.
This style is useful when you need more perspectives before deciding.
To encourage participation, a leader offers all options, solicits team and stakeholder opinions, and evaluates options.
Transactional: a carrot-and-stick approach that works well for short-term tasks.
Transactional leaders give orders and expect compliance.
Transactional leadership works well for routine tasks.
Transformational leadership is emotionally-driven and visionary.
This style boosts productivity, innovation, and teamwork.
So, which of these leadership styles is right for you?
It depends on your team, goals, and situation.
The key is to know yourself as a leader and to be able to adapt as necessary.
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