5 Coding Projects (from beginner to advanced)

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I have 5 programming projects of varying skill levels that will help you get to the next level of programming, with the last one being a project that will help you obtain a software development job.

Our three levels are:
1. One, beginner. You’re learning how to implement programming fundamentals in a practical way. You’re very much a beginner, but I’m not gonna make it easy, just straight forward so it’s not so convoluted. I don’t want you getting distracted by frameworks and libraries and all this crap. The applications are going to run in the console, and we actually have 3 projects in this category, each of a different skill level.
2. Two, intermediate. You’re dipping your toes in real-world development. Something where the skills directly transfer over from these projects to real-world projects, and you may even learn some software engineering fundamentals as well.
3. And three, advanced. You’re a full-fledge software engineer. I mean full-stack, but you’re still solo. So the frontend doesn’t have to be beautiful. The backend may need some heavy refactoring, and your technical debt is through the roof, but you get to break everything down just as a software engineer would in a team. You create the MVP and start building that out feature by feature, until you have a full-fledge application.

There are two ways to go about programming projects. One is to work on a project that’s more on the hobby level, not meaning unprofessional, but something that you want to build. Like my AI that shot me in the face when I got distracted. Or when I used the YouTube Data API to pull dislike counts and create a comment and post it under my existing YouTube videos. Something useful that makes your life easier, or just for fun. You learn a lot by building projects like this because when you are interested in something you’re more inclined to learn about it.
The other is tactical. You know that you will learn from this and it will help you get a job. This is my focus for today, because I’m not gonna sit here and say “build something fun, okay thanks for watching lol” because at the end of the day if you had something like that in mind, then you would probably be working on it instead of watching this video. I’m just sayin’. But uhh... enjoy! lol

0:00 Overview
1:35 Details About Project Types
2:44 Beginner Project #1 - Hello, World (seriously)
3:25 Beginner Project #2 - Cooking (data types & functions)
7:03 Beginner Project #3 - Tournament Simulation (OOP, data sctructures, etc.)
9:16 Intermediate Project - Web App w/ APILayer
15:25 Advanced Project - Content Management System
17:41 Thanks for Watching!

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