5 Budget-Friendly Apps For Shopify That Drive Multichannel Success

When it comes to E-commerce, Shopify is one of the easiest platforms to get started with selling online.
It's a straight-forward, plug'n play tool that allows for customization and scalability. But considering how fast ecommerce is growing, the competition for small businesses is tough out there. Today, it's not enough to only sell on Shopify; you need to take a multichannel strategy approach and sell on multiple channels. Luckily, thanks to apps and integrations such as PIM for Shopify, you can do that right from your Shopify account.

This video lists 5 budget-friendly apps, from FreshDesk to Plytix PIM, that you can connect to your Shopify account that will drive multichannel sales in 2022.

The apps listed here have multiple plan levels ranging from FREE to Enterprise level.

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