4IR Thinking How can companies unlock the full value of enterprise digitization and maximize the R

How can companies unlock the full value of enterprise digitization and maximize the ROI of past and future technology investments?

Well, I believe the answer lies in digital continuity.

It’s enabled by an integrated digital platform that helps create a digital thread connecting the entire organization.

It helps join up all the systems involved in business operations,
traversing diverse functions and lines of business.

Continuity is THE powerful way to help achieve seamless operations.

It helps enable data-driven collaboration within your organization and with your business partners.

It helps empower your people to transform the business by enriching your customer offerings with value- added features and supplier collaboration.

So Let's talk about what’s required:

1st up
Data integrity

With your different teams working together across the supply chain to deliver digitally to customers who are themselves often digital natives,

you need to operate based on a common source of truth.

What’s needed is a single source of trusted data from which teams can make quick and informed business decisions.

This requires capabilities to quickly build data pipelines that connect departmental silos.

2nd Enterprise-wide Collaboration

This same single source of truth enables effective collaboration.

With it, you can avoid the unreliability of spreadsheets,
the time wasting involved in contradictory and duplicated data -

it means you have a platform that delivers not only confidence in the information shared but also faster collaboration.

Now, Allow me briefly to throw away for a moment my usual agnostic approach to the Product Lifecycle

and for a minute to roll out the “marketing commercial break”:


Yes, The 3d experience platform is

a common digital workplace for everyone involved in getting your product to market.

It’s your virtual development or engineering center

For a fully digital end-to-end process

we need to go beyond documents and files to fully detailed simulations of the manufacturing operation and even decommissioning and recycling of the products

not to mention the management of regulatory compliance processes.

The 3d experience platform exists to enable all of these processes simultaneously managing all the data collaboration and communication related to your virtual twin based initiatives from a technology point of view

offering a consistent user experience

It allows your users from different disciplines to consume and add value to data created by others using software products that suit their individual roles while hiding cross-domain complexity from those who don't need to see it

the 3d experience platform enables all stakeholders to collaborate on a single product model used as the basis for all communication from wherever they happen to be in the world.

And lastly Even the digital twin

The engineering team creates 3d models and technical documentation and is stored in the platform and used as the foundation of that digital twin

The changes to the 3d experience platform over the last couple of years, specifically around the unified product structure approach

have helped to streamline and simplify the transition of data from engineering to manufacturing.

This means it's much easier now to create fully detailed 3d work instructions
process plans
plant layouts, tool simulation etc etc etc

And all of it on the same common data structure that was originally built in your engineering model.

Ok pause & check

3dx discussed
If you want to hear or see more, please ping me

Love to talk

And now last-up

Our 3rd requirement

Business Integration

To support that single source of truth that drives more effective collaboration, most organizations will benefit from integrating core business applications.

Data feeds to your core systems for ERP, CRM and CPQ as an example,

It not only streamlines operations but increases visibility in a way

that simply

improves business performance and
helps ensure customer-centric delivery and compliance.

See you next week

Andrew out
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