#45 Afterpay’s Nitish Mathew on Prioritizing Customers and Finding Balance with Governance

Over the last two years, Afterpay has more than doubled its consumer base from 7 million to 19 million by giving consumers more opportunities to make big-ticket purchases using its simple, pay-over-time platform. Their ever-growing success in the crowded payments market is what led the company to be acquired by Block, the parent company for such brands as Cash App, Square, and TIDAL. Now, as part of the Block family, Afterpay Global Head of Data Engineering and Governance, Nitish Mathew has made the move to Cash App where his team’s mission is to enable data and platforms for everyone in the company. He joins The Data Chief to discuss measuring the impact of analytics, the rise of the analytics engineer, the importance of taking risks, and much more.

Key Moments
0:00 Changes for Afterpay and joining the Block family
4:10 High growth in the digital space
10:37 Changing user expectations and measuring the impact of analytics
12:50 Reframing KPIs to focus on stakeholder satisfaction
14:59 Applying product management principles to your work
19:32 Giving your team purpose
21:40 Analytics Engineer may be the hottest new role in tech
24:30 Creating a “walled garden” for business people to use and explore data
27:08 Defining team success in terms of impact
32:54 Taking risks and celebrating failures

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