445 TIP. The Fall of Netflix and Overlooked Assets w/ David Stein

David Stein IS back to educate us on assets of the market that are likely overlooked or underappreciated. David is the host of the popular podcast Money for the Rest of Us and author of the book of the same name. He’s a previous allocator for endowments and brings a wealth of knowledge to our very wide ranging discussion.

0:00:00 - Intro
0:00:12 - Current risks posed by supply chain disruption and food shortages
0:04:40 - Updates on Evergrande and China
0:06:51 - Birthrate and demographic crisis
0:08:20 - China and US stock market compared to the global GDP ratio
0:10:13 - Munger’s recent bipolar trade on Alibaba
0:13:45 - The recent fall of Netflix and how other tech stocks might follow suit
0:15:15 - Why the most contrarian bet today is to short commodities
0:20:22 - Inflation
0:25:27 - How David thinks through valuation and where the US stands today, compared to the global market
0:30:57 - Buyback shares
0:33:15 - Why Closed End Funds are likely an overlooked and underappreciated asset trading on the NYSE
0:33:15 - What they are and why we should consider them, in addition to another asset called Business Development Companies

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