43. Design Thinking: Management 3.0, Storytelling | Lean Thinking course (english revised subtitles)

Fundamentals of Design Thinking for process improvement and organizational change:
- Storytelling: power of stories to develop the emotional component and to translate the vision journey into an effective narrative
- Anthropocentrism: focus on people, both in the external customer and in the internal colleagues through a horizontal, participatory and creative organization
- Management 3.0: co-responsibility in meeting objectives through skill development and empowerment
- Rapid prototyping to maximize the learning process by experimenting and interacting with customers using physical models
- Rejection of planning vs. sensitization: capturing the driving signals of change
- Creativity in exploring uncertainties. Scenario design dynamics connecting ideas to generate sense
- Deepen into added value through greater knowledge of customers. Personalization and customization
- Greater differentiation including experiences with emotional, interactive elements, etc.
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