411 TIP. How the Federal Reserve Broke the American Economy w/ Christopher Leonard

Trey Lockerbie sits down with investigative journalist and author, Christopher Leonard. Chris wrote a New York Times bestselling book called Kochland, which profiles billionaire Charles Koch and Koch Industries. He’s also the author of a new book, entitled The Lords of Easy Money - How the Federal Reserve Broke the American Economy.

The influence of the FED is becoming more and more understood by mainstreet and it can be an endlessly fascinating discussion. That’s what I found here with Christopher Leonard, who I probably could have talked to for hours more. I especially love how great Chrstopher can weave a story together. I hope you enjoy my conversation with Christopher Leonard.

0:00:00 - Intro
0:02:05 - The origins of Koch Industries and how Charles rose to his billionaire status
0:04:08 - The operating system of Koch Industries, known as Market Based Management
0:14:17 - Charles Koch’s legacy and his mysterious operations behind closed doors
0:22:38 - The origins of the Federal Reserve and how it operates
0:26:41 - The untold story of Thomas Hoenig, a director at the FED, who was the sole opposing vote to the early FED initiatives following the GFC, which resulted in a severely damaged reputation that Christopher aims to redeem and much more
0:45:55 - Actions taken by the FED since the GFC that have resulted in a very challenging predicament for the world's economy

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