4 Tech Jobs That Pay $100K+ (no coding required!)

In this video, I discuss four jobs in tech that have the potential to pay more than £100k (or $100k) that are a perfect fit for anyone transitioning from management consulting, finance, law or other professional services into technology. Non of these roles require you to know how to code.

These jobs are such a great fit because in professional services, you learn a ton of relevant skills, including managing processes, written and verbal communication, first principles thinking, and more!

The four jobs I deep dive on are:
- Operations roles
- Product management
- Growth
- Sales and Biz Dev

For each one, I take a look at
- what the role is (with examples),
- what skills you need to succeed in the role,
- What progression in that role looks like at the senior levels
- Earning potential 5 years in and 10 years in.

- 00:39 Job one: Operations
- 02:03 Compensation for operations roles in startups
- 02:25 Job two: Product Management
- 06:02 Compensation for Product roles in startups
- 06:19 Job three: Growth
- 08:47 Compensation for growth roles in startups
- 09:03 Job four: Sales and Business Development
- 11:08 Compensation for sales and Biz Dev roles in startups

All salary data is sourced from Otta: https://app.otta.com/salaries

Check it out for yourself. It's a great resource!

In this video we discuss:

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