4 DUMBEST Dallas Cowboys Rumors You’ll See Ft. A Trevon Diggs Trade & Salary Cap Lies

Today’s Cowboys Report with Tom Downey is a very different type of video. We’re taking a look at some of the worst Cowboys rumors, ideas and suggestions out there. They mainly focus on Cowboys trade rumors, with deals for DK Metcalf, Michael Gallup and Trevon Diggs leading the way. But it’s time to fully explain why Stephen Jones’ concerns over the salary cap are either outright lies or willful ignorance. Make sure to watch until the end of today’s video - trust us.

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The 4 DUMBEST Cowboys rumors out there:
- DK Metcalf trade for TWO first round picks
- Trade AWAY Michael Gallup
- Trevon Diggs trade to save money if the Cowboys tank
- Cowboys in trouble with salary cap - aka cap boy’s deception

The Michael Gallup trade argument from Fansided, which is stupid: “With CeeDee Lamb on the team already, as well as rookie Jalen Tolbert — who could be a steal — the Cowboys might consider moving on from Gallup in 2023 should they be awful this coming season. Like the other moves mentioned, this isn’t the best way to win a title but if Dallas doesn’t see a path to a Super Bowl in 2023, Gallup’s price tag starts to look intimidating when you realize he’s a No. 2 guy behind Lamb.”

The actual Michael Gallup contract is team friendly, if he plays like a #2 WR:
- Years: 5
- Total: $57.5 MM
- Guaranteed: $27.0 MM
- Average: $11.5 MM/YR
- 2022 Cap Hit: $4.53 MM
- 2023 Cap Hit: $14.00 MM
- 2024 Cap Hit: $11.50 MM
- 2025 Cap Hit: $13.50 MM
- 2026 Cap Hit: $13.50 MM

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Trade Trevon Diggs? Here was Fansided’s TRASH argument: “Rather than get further in cap purgatory with a roster that failed them, Dallas could see if Diggs can be sent to another team for a Round 1 pick. If so, they get more talent and don’t pay $20 million (or more) per year. Might not be a great move for a team trying to win it all, but falling apart in 2022 could change all that.”

The Trevon Diggs trade idea because of salary cap concerns are WRONG. Don’t let Stephen Jones fool you.

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The Cowboys salary cap projections for next year say -$5 million. But that’s incredibly deceptive. The Cowboys have the most players under contract next year (68) and the “-$5 MM” does NOT include rollover, which is currently almost $25 million. The Cowboys can also save the following with cuts of players:
- Zeke - $4.86 | $10.9 MM (post June 1st)
- Tyron - $9.60 | $13.6 MM (post June 1st)
- Jourdan Lewis - $5 MM
- Dorance Armstrong - $4 MM | $5.5 MM (post June 1st)
- Devante Bond - $1 MM
- Kyron Brown - $1 MM
- Aviante Collins - $1 MM

Those Cowboys roster moves above save between $26.46 MM to $38 MM. Then, the Cowboys can save over $48 million with restructures:
- Dak Prescott: $22.4 MM
- DeMarcus Lawrence: $9.22 MM
- Zack Martin: $9.25 MM
- Michael Gallup: $7.44 MM

The Fake News media will tell you “the Cowboys have -$5 MM in cap space” but the truth is that they can create $100 million. If they so chose to create it.

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