35th Edith Mary Gayton Memorial Lecture - Farm Business Management and the farmer as an entrepreneur

Agricultural entrepreneurship is considered as an important factor for the future economic sustainability of farm businesses in a constantly-changing and increasingly complex domestic and global economy. Farmer-entrepreneurs run their systems not only as a food production system but as a contemporary and competitive farm business. They apply the principles of farm business management and agricultural economics and consider their farms as a means of earning profits. They are passionate about their farm business and are willing to take calculated risks to make their farms profitable and their businesses grow.

Farmer-entrepreneurs see themselves as part of a larger collection of people including other farmers, suppliers, traders, transporters, processors and other stakeholders of the food value chain. According to FAO, successful farmer-entrepreneurs are technically competent, innovative and plan ahead, so they can steer their farm businesses through the stages of enterprise development – from establishment and survival to rapid growth and maturity.

These topics and questions such us: What is Farm Entrepreneurship? What are the competencies of the Farmer as an Entrepreneur? How to bring entrepreneurship within farm business management? Will be discussed and answered in the hybrid 35th Annual Edith Mary Gayton Lecture. Our invited speaker, Mr Nick Green, Farm Operations Director for Alvis Bros, will provide his insights into the topic and will answer the questions from the audience both via the online platform hosting the event and from those attending the event in the SAPD, University of Reading.
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