32 Questions on PMP Exam | Agile Foundations and Scrum Framework

In this video we covered PMP exam questions on Agile

16 Questions are on Agile Foundations
16 Questions are on Scrum Framework

Agile Foundations Questions covers below topics:
Agile Manifesto
4 Values
12 principles
Agile Planning
Agile VS Waterfall
Why waterfall is not effective way to manage software development projects?
When organization should chose Hybrid approach?
Agile Team Characteristics
Self directed and Self organizing

Scrum Framework Questions covers below topics :
Scrum Ceremonies
Sprint Planning meeting
Daily Stand-up meeting
Sprint Review meeting
Sprint Retrospective meeting
Scrum Artefacts
Product backlog
Sprint Backlog
Scrum Roles
Product owner
Scrum Master
Scrum Team

When it is acceptable time to cancel a sprint in the middle of a project ?
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