#32 - Matthew Black: the PM Scrum Master, navigating in an agile/waterfall organization

My discussion today is with Matthew Black. Matthew has a great deal of experience in systems engineering and development in a variety of industries including defense, aerospace, and financial services. He has combined Agile tools with classical Waterfall delivery methods so that what is delivered uses the best tools and processes to meet the needs of the business partners and clients.

This then was the basis for our conversation – that is the environment where both agile and waterfall projects are employed. We talk about how these two worlds may coexist and when it’s necessary to bend some of the processes. We also talk about his being a self-proclaimed “data guy” and how being technically curious can help organize information effectively for the project.

This is an episode of the Understanding Projects podcast which consists series of discussions with PM academics and practitioners about the real world aspects of projects and project management. The podcast is based on the text Understanding Project Management - A Practical Guide by Dave C. Barrett.
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