#30WeeksOfWellness - Episode 3 - Time Management

Here is episode 3 of 30 weeks of wellness. An initiative for teachers from Chrysalis.
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Chrysalis (EZ Vidya) is India’s leading educational research and innovation organization which is challenging the mediocrity in the current education system leading to a much-needed reform in schools. Chrysalis'​ initiatives are based on 20 years of sustained research on education and pedagogy which have led to a remarkable transformation in over 1800+ schools. Leading corporates such as IBM, Microsoft and Dell partner with Chrysalis for its strategic expertise on their CSR initiatives in education. For their contribution to education, Chrysalis (EZ Vidya) was awarded South-Asia’s most innovative curriculum award and the coveted ET-NOW 'Game Changer'​ Award from over 63000 organizations.
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