30 Days IEI Winter Internship & Training Program 2022 | Construction Management | Staad Pro

Registration Link – https://rzp.io/l/PWIP
(Limited seats, Registrations are open )

Official Website: https://ieichd.org

For Any Query Call On: 8824911246

Organizers - The Institution of Engineers (India) Punjab & Chandigarh State Centre in association with Chartered Engineer (I) Sandesh Saxena Organization/Affiliation (The Institution of Engineers) (India)

Email :[email protected]

Registration Link – https://rzp.io/l/PWIP
(Limited seats, Registrations are open )

Official Website: https://ieichd.org

For Any Query Call On: 8824911246

The aim of this Program is to equip the engineers with the modern techniques of construction and materials for the optimum output in the industry. One Month Program includes the following

1. Project Planning & Construction Management Basics
Overview of Site; Introduction to Construction; Significance of Construction Management; Roles and responsibility of CM
2. Structural Design using STAAD Pro
Structural design considering STAAD PRO as per IS codes, Building Design.
3. Resource Estimation
Human resource calculations, team requirements, OBS, Material and machine estimation.
4. Project Costing and Billing
Cash Flow planning, Contractor billing, Client billing, variation statement, Billing formats Do and Don’t for measurement; Measurement Book; Costing; Construction Overheads etc.
5. Project Scheduling using Primavera P6
Project scheduling world’s best project portfolio management software Primavera P6
6. Health and Safety at Site
Basic terminology in safety; types of injuries, safety pyramid; Accident patterns; Safety culture; Introduction to OSHA regulations; Role of stakeholders in safety; Tool Box Talk; Personal Protective Equipment
7. Career Counselling with HR expert
Interact with HR to give booster to your career.
Gained information will be a value add for site engineer, planner, construction managers, architects and owners (seeking construction) etc.
Attendee will receive an E-Certificate from The Institution of Engineers (India), Punjab and Chandigarh State Centre.

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Download All Civil Engineering Excel Sheet: https://civiconcetpts.myinstamojo.com/

Concrete Mix Design Excel Software: https://bit.ly/3ljfu0k

House Construction Cost Calculator App: https://rb.gy/p2czsh

House Construction Cost Calculator Excel Sheet: https://bit.ly/2SpyiOu

Follow: https://docs.google.com/document/d/e/2PACX-1vTCMeABE0cae0K9DmXETHVGcQmr1n6SZxAvMq1WTXbr1jDOzGYL_NOx7Y2j-8ni_kKFCqpvo_3Ctqxf/pub

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4) Free Download Bill of Quantity Excel Sheet - https://bit.ly/2V4igfI
5) Free Download Bar Bending Schedule Excel Sheet: https://bit.ly/2uYz3Go
6) Free Download Column Design Excel sheet - https://bit.ly/32awf59
7) Building Bye-Laws for Planning - https://bit.ly/2vPw2bs

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