3 Weight Loss Myths Debunked + How to Get Real Results | Mastering Diabetes

If you want to lose weight the healthy way and keep your ideal weight for the long haul — then forget the fad diets. 

Amidst a sea of misinformation, it can be challenging for those living with diabetes to find reliable scientific guidance on weight loss. But fear not. Mastering Diabetes is here to provide you with the real facts.

From dispelling the myths surrounding calorie counting to debunking the notion of carbohydrate avoidance to understanding the limitations of relying solely on exercise, you will acquire the essential tools needed to achieve tangible and long-lasting results.

Hang around, and watch Cyrus debunk these myths surrounding weight loss and diabetes management. And, of course, find out what really works according to science.

00:00 - Weight loss myths and pseudoscience
2:51 - The real solution to weight loss
4:50 - Myth #1 - You need to obsessively count calories
16:31 - Focus on calorie density
26:36 - Bulk (Water + Fiber)
35:05 - Myth #2 - You Need to avoid carbs
43:21 - Benefits of natural carbs and whole foods
47:31 - Myth #3 - You can exercise a poor diet
54:45 - Benefits of exercise
57:45 - Summary

Watch and Enjoy!
Cyrus & Robby

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