3 Ways To Deal With Stock Market Volatility in Retirement | Live Q&A

We start by discussing the 3 key ways to handle stock market volatility in retirement. Then we'll turn to your questions.

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0:00 - Welcome to the Financial Freedom Show!
2:17 - 3 Ways To Deal With Stock Market Volatility in Retirement
15:27 - Q&A
19:28 - Videos for people 50+ in retirement
21:49 - Supplement cash reserves during a down market
29:20 - Treasury bills if the US defaults on debt
31:37 - MYGA
34:48 - De-cumulation in retirement
35:36 - Buying puts every 3 months
36:18 - Side hustles
39:50 - Roth IRA with a 10 year investment goal
42:15 - Wade Pfau
43:39 - Annuities
44:57 - Newsletter
45:35 - Vanguard digital advisor
53:09 - CPF's
54:42 - Healthcare options for those who want to retire early
56:55 - $1 million to invest/DCA
1:02:44 - Creating a paycheck from qualified accounts
1:08:11 - VT and never rebalancing
1:11:45 - My books
1:13:04 - $600k tax bill/where to park the money
1:14:17 - BRKA holder
1:15:13 - A deep dive on LTC
1:16:35 - Calculating your personal inflation rate
1:20:12 - AI stock growth
1:22:19 - BND tax question
1:23:09 - History book
1:26:01 - Freelance writing
1:28:10 - DC airport
1:29:48 - Yoga
1:33:00 - Send emails on topics for videos
1:33:26 - Financial Freedom
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