3 Steps to a Successful Launch

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New products and programs rely a great deal on their launches. The reception and hype surrounding the initial presentation defines the product. Its success is tied to that momentum.

To succeed, you must design a marketing plan that covers both before and after a launch to let people know and get them excited.

Develop a plan. Spend the time. That couple of hours up front, you’ll be amazed at how much more effective and what the pull-through is on the back end if you do step one up front.

You know who you want to get that in front of, so your goal in pre-launch is to ensure your content can succeed on social media or ads. Then you can have your partners, colleagues, and strategic partners send these out to people.

Building hype takes work, and that’s why you want to galvanize a large group of people, your partners at your organization, strategic partners, folks who call on the same people you do, but they have a different discipline, everyone.

Launch periods are all about galvanizing the forces you have at your disposal to get a massive amount of momentum that carries you into the future.
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