3 Rules of Time Management - How to do more? How to stop wasting time? How to make plans succeed?

Perhaps the biggest challenge we all face is time management. So many models and yet, most of us waste a lot of our time. Here are three simple rules that give you a solid foundation to build your own customised time management techniques. Something, that works for you. Something that puts a full-stop to wasted time and energy going ahead.

About me:
I write stories, run an Ed-tech company and practice karate, more to escape old age. Let me also mention IIM Ahmedabad, IIT Kharagpur and Stockholm School of Economics, more to impress you ;) I did go there, but I swear I am a fun guy. All my friends say so.
Seen a bit of life too - from my village by the hills where tigers roam to boardrooms to sports grounds. That's what I talk about here. Mostly, things I wish I knew 20 years ago, lessons about career, life, relationships, mental health, thinking skills, first principles and mental models.

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