3 Reasons You (Probably) Don’t Need Property Management

0:00 Do You Really Need Property Management?
0:26 Why People THINK They Need Management
1:05 STR vs. LTR Property Management
2:34 Scheduling and Cleaning
3:44 Checking in Guests
5:10 #3 Being There for Emergencies
6:54 When Do You Need a STR Property Manager?

Property management is often thought of as a necessity when investing in short-term rental properties that are out of your area. What happens if a guest has a problem? What about cleaners? What if something breaks? All of these are scary questions, but none of them rely on a property manager to fix them.

Avery Carl, short-term rental guru and author of “Short-Term Rental, Long-Term Wealth” manages dozens of profitable short-term rentals without any property management. While long-term rentals may warrant a property manager due to their relatively low monthly fee, hiring a manager for your short-term rental could cut out half your cash flow simply by having someone around to call the plumber for you.

Do you use property management for short-term rentals? If so, let us know whether you think it’s a worthwhile expense in the comments below!

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