3+ Hours Of Reddit Nosleep Horror Stories For 2022

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Let's ring in the new year with some scary stories.

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0:00 “Intro”
0:40 “9.84 Feet Under”
19:12 “My Parents Made A Deal With A Demon So They Could Have A Child, Only The First One Would Belong To Them Though”
39:58 “I’m An Intern For The Midwest Anomaly And Cryptid Removal Organization”
54:41 “I’m A Paranormal Investigator For The U.S. Government, I Was Given Rules To Survive The Job”
1:24:38 “I Discovered Something Deep In The Canadian Wilderness”
1:47:14 “I Received Some Insider Information Regarding 2022, It’s Going To Be Terrifying”
2:05:04 “My Town Is Under Government Lockdown, Here’s Why”

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