3 Days Workshop on  NGS Single-cell Data analysis & Single-Cell Transcriptomics Project (Day 1)

Twice a year, our community meets to review innovation in bioinformatics education and provide students with an outlook on careers and research trajectories rooted in computational biology. The Omics Research Symposium is an event aimed at bringing together this network of experts, educators, and students from all around the world to learn from each other, interact and discuss advances in this field. And this is the time period we hold various workshops to prep up students, researchers and faculty.

In today’s workshop, We will learn about an overview of the current scRNAseq technologies, Basic overview of pipelines for processing raw reads into expression values, Quality control of scRNAseq data, dimensionality reduction and clustering techniques. Practical sessions will use a case study approach using curated project datasets to learn about generating a table of expression from raw FASTQ files and perform subsequent analysis of this table of gene and isoform expression. We will cover standard statistical methods of analysis like differential gene expression as well as advanced data mining and machine learning for large-scale datasets.
To learn more baout the workshopand register for the 3 days extensive workshop and get access to the resources for a month, register now : https://edu.omicslogic.com/omics-research-symposium-workshop
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