3 Days NSX-T 3.1 Training - Day -1 Basics

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Module 1: NSX Architecture and Components
Recognize the main elements in the NSX-T Data Center architecture
Describe the NSX management cluster and the management plane
Identify the functions and components of management, control, and data planes
Module 2: NSX Logical Switching Design
Describe concepts and terminology in logical switching
Identify segment and transport zone design considerations
Identify virtual switch design considerations
segment Lab

Module 3: NSX Logical Routing Design
Explain the function and features of logical routing
Describe NSX-T Data Center single-tier and multitier routing architectures
Identify guidelines when selecting a routing topology
Describe the BGP and OSPF routing protocol configuration options
E-W & N-S traffic Lab

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Ratnesh K
2xCCIE (SEC,DC) #61380
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