3 Daily Habits to Stop Wasting Time - How top 1% Successful People Manage time? | Swami Mukundananda

Getting better at managing our time is critical to achieving maximum productivity. God has gifted us 24 hours or 1440 minutes to spend every day. The question is - How to utilize them in the best possible way?

To get more things done in less time and never waste time, we must discipline ourselves with a few habits we must enforce every day. What are they? How do the top 1% of successful people do it? Watch more to learn as Swami Mukundananda explains it in detail in the 7th episode of this 'Golden Rules for Living your Best Life' series.

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1:03 Value of Time
3:10 How Successful People Manage time?
4:11 How to Prioritize the use of your time?
6:08 How to plan the usage of your time?
7:39 How to use todo lists effectively to manage time?
8:42 Swami Mukundananda's Ultimate Time Management Advice
9:21 Ask yourselves - At this time what is most important?
10:06 How Steve Jobs Manages his time?
10:58 Time Management is Life Management

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