3 Core Values for Working with Illustration Clients | Customer Service for Artists

This video is the first in a 3 part series about preparing to make the leap from art and illustration as a hobby to working with clients, and building a professional creative practice. If you have been making art and illustration for a while, and you want to work with clients, there are important skills you need beyond the art-making itself. We’re all familiar with things like time management, and project planning, or even really specific skills like invoicing, social media, or updating your website -- freelancers need to be good at a lot of different things. Something that often gets overlooked in conversations with artists and illustrators are the soft skills, things that might broadly go into a bucket called “customer service.”

And before you run for the hills, let me just say that in my experience, focusing on these skills in the last several years has been game changing for me in my work with clients and art directors. They are really helpful both in making the process of working with others more enjoyable, and for making sure that the work you create together is something you are both proud of. So today we’re going to unpack my top 3 soft skills to develop if you want to work with illustration clients.

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