219: Kristi Venta Diemoz - Be Willing to Have Your Mind Changed

The strongest leaders are the ones who are willing to take on new information and let their teams be smartest ones in the room. 

Kristi Venta Diemoz is the senior manager of GTM (go-to-market) and operations on eBay. In her role, she’s responsible for updating their sellers on key programs and changes.

Kristi has been at eBay for almost 20 years, working in various roles, from customer service to project management to marketing. 

When it comes to engaging with customers, understanding their needs, and delivering changes through integrated Marketing strategies, Kristi is at the forefront of the charge. 

Jump right in and learn from Kristi how to be willing to have your mind changed. 

On this episode:

• Learn from an inside perspective how 20 years in one company like eBay can feel like working at 3 different companies when it changes and adapts to evolution in leadership 
• How a love for people can help you create good experiences for the people you lead as you band together for a common goal 
• When you support your team and surround yourself with brilliant people, you don’t need to be the smartest person in the room 
• Examples of when humans become the priority within your organization it leads to long term success 
• How the best leaders are willing to have their minds changed. Be ready to take on new information
• Secrets in the workplace are unnecessary. Now more than ever, transparency and vulnerability is a valuable culture to set as a leader 

Key Takeaways:

• Become a team and fight together 
• Start breaking down the silos 
• Leaders create high performance teams when they get rid of the ego
• If you’re the smartest person in your group, get a new group
• Be willing to have your mind changed to become a stronger leader
• The strongest leaders are vulnerable and they share 

Tweetable Quotes:

“I love people, and I love leading them and creating a good experience.” - Kristi Venta Diemoz

“It’s really great when I see the company coming under one mission and one vision… Where I’ve seen that is when the leaders kind of remove their ego and care more about the mission and the success of the company.” - Kristi Venta Diemoz

“I think any time you’re willing to take on new information and change your mind then you’ll always be a much stronger leader - and I think in this world it’s more important than ever.” - Kristi Venta Diemoz

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