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What to say when you talk to yourself Book summary in Hindi ! Self Talk Affirmation ! Positive Affirmations ! Self talk Motivation

What to say when you talk to yourself Book Summary in Hindi | Self Talk Affirmations
| Positive Affirmations | Self Talk Motivation
In this video, Zeeshan delves into the life-changing book "What to Say When You Talk
to Yourself" by Shad Helmstatter. This self-help masterpiece explores the incredible
impact of positive self-talk, positive affirmations, and effective self-management
techniques on our lives. Discover the art of changing brain programming through the
magic of affirmations.

Helmstatter's book is a secret treasure of insights into harnessing the power of your
subconscious mind to reshape your beliefs and behaviours, ultimately boosting your
confidence and motivation for success. This book summary in Hindi offers a concise
yet comprehensive guide to reprogram your brain and achieve the personal and
professional success you've always desired.
Unlock the secrets of positive self-talk, affirmations, self-management, and the
transformative impact they can have on your life.

00:01 - One of the best videos (many share this video knowledge in paid courses)
00:36 - Two Friends Ravi and Ajay's story
02:29 - SeeKen book summary channel I used to watch (Ravi)
02:58 - Self Management Sequence
03:19 - Self-management sequence 5 Parts
07:35 - How to Change Brain Programming
08:02 - Self Talk has 5 levels
8:21 - Bruce H. Lipton on changing brain Programming
10:42 - Level 2 of Self-talk - Recognition of changes
11:36 - Level 3rd Self-talk - Decision to change
12:13 - 4th self-talk Level - Better your positive declaration
12:55 - 5th Self Talk level - Mystical
14:28 - First Technique Silence Self Talk
15:10 - Technique 2 Self Speak
16:05 - Technique 3 Self Conversation
16:57 - Technique 4 Self Write
17:18 - Technique 5 Record Self Talk
18:25 - I personally wrote level 3 and level 4 Affirmations
18:50 - If you want a free Affirmation video (Comment below)

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