2022 Release 1: Updates for Cash Flow & Project Management, WMS, Analytics & More

Everything to know about NetSuite 2022 Release 1: https://bit.ly/3qGD8ZU

NetSuite 2022 Release 1 is here! And we’re rolling out new dashboards for cash flow and project management as well as new functionality around warehouse management, analytics–specifically the all-new NetSuite Analytics Warehouse–and the SuiteCloud platform. To kick things off, Sr. Director of Product Marketing, Lisa Schwarz, provides an overview of what’s to come in 2022 Release 1 (1:32) as well as a reminder about how releases work (4:26) and how to best prepare for them (9:30). Then, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Scott Beaver, joins us to discuss what finance teams are focused on today (12:35), and how this release addresses priorities around cash flow management and efficiency for multi-subsidiary accounting (13:30). He’ll dive into the new Cash 360 dashboard (15:55) as well as intercompany transactional pairing (19:51). Next, Industry Solution Advisor for Warehouse Management, Allyson Griffin, comes on to discuss the obstacles warehouses are facing right now (23:09)–including ecommerce sale labor, ongoing labor shortages and supply chain challenges–and how NetSuite WMS can help companies become more efficient in the face of them (25:50). She then reveals new WMS capabilities in 2022 Release 1, like zone picking, pack station and mobile functionality (30:48). Adam Mayo, Vertical Product Manager, joins next to unveil new functionality for services-based businesses that help in managing challenges around the labor shortage (37:34). He discusses Project 360, which provides a dashboard view across a business’ entire portfolio (40:54), as well as added flexibility for project billing, including new invoice presentation templates (42:35). Then, Vice President of Product Management and Engineering for SuiteAnalytics, Joav Bally, explains how SuiteAnalytics helps businesses leverage financial and operational data (48:17). He dives into the all-new NetSuite Analytics Warehouse and the updates we’re already rolling out in 2022 Release 1 (49:34). He also discusses dataset linking and how every SuiteAnalytics workbooks user can now do that linking in UI and build visualizations on top of the linked datasets directly (51:05). Finally, Erik Klein, Principal Outbound Product Manager for the SuiteCloud Platform, dives into product lifecycle management as well as continuous integration and delivery functionality for SuiteApps in 2022 Release 1 (53:49). He explains how developers working in their integrated development environment (IDE) impacts product lifecycle management (57:35) and ties into the SuiteCloud Development Framework (SDF) for more agility and collaboration in building NetSuite applications (58:53).

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