2022: March 1 | Watershed Management Advisory Committee Meeting

Regular Session | 03/01/2022 | 39m 47s
Town of Penfield Watershed Management Committee | https://www.penfield.org
Chairperson: Town Engineer Mark Valentine
Committee Info: https://bit.ly/3dbNHgU

0:00:00 Call to Order
0:00:40 Approval of Minutes – February 1st, 2022
0:01:06 Committee Discussion
1. Stream Cleaning Update
2. Rain on Snow Event
0:09:02 Public Participation
0:26:15 Communications
1. Town of Penfield – Audit Letter Received
2. Monroe County Storm Water Coalition
3. New York State/EPA
0:37:01 Old Business
0:38:05 New Business
0:39:17 Adjournment | Next Meeting: April 5th, 2022

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