2022: A Net Zero Future

In response to the climate crisis, many business and industry leaders have committed their organizations to a ‘Net Zero’ program. By this they mean that their organization will not be emitting greenhouse gases by a specified date — often the year 2050. The purpose of these letters and posts is to help these leaders by providing realistic and practical information to do with net zero technologies. The emphasis is on the word ‘realistic’.

This video makes some forecasts for the year 2022 to do with Net Zero programs in industry. There are five main forecasts — they are based on current trends. They are:

1. Companies and businesses will increasingly lead the response to climate change — not because they want to “do good”, but because they want to be commercially successful. Governments will support but not lead.
2. Energy will become more expensive and supplies more erratic.
3. Supplies of materials critical to climate change technology will become erratic or limited due to international tension and competition.
4. Oil companies will invest in the production and distribution of green hydrogen for both transportation and energy storage.
5. Climate activists will spend more time working with industrial managers and engineers developing realistic responses to the predicaments that we face. (This final forecast is more like a hope than a prediction.)

Further information is provided at the Substack address https://netzero2050.substack.com/p/2022-net-zero-future.
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