2021.12.16 Blue-Green Infrastructure Frontiers 2. Dr. Dixon Gevana Presentation

This video is a part of the International Webinar - Blue-Green Infrastructure Frontiers: Ecosystem Services, Management, and Challenges. Out of the program below, this video contains 2. Dr. Dixon Gevana (University of the Philippines Los Baños).

You can find all the presentations from the playlist below.

1. Dr. Ryo Kohsaka (Nagoya University)
Title: Opening remarks
2. Dr. Dixon Gevana (University of the Philippines Los Baños)
Title: Mangroves in blue-green shades
3. Dr. Mi Sun Park (Seoul National University)
Title: Green-blue infrastructure in urban planning and policies
4. Dr. Tobias Plieninger (University of Kassel)
Title: Cultural ecosystem services in Europe – Importance, occurrence, open questions
5. Dr. Jay Quevedo (Nagoya University)
Title: Blue carbon ecosystem infrastructures (mangroves) as nature-based solutions (Insights from local communities)

This webinar was supported and funded by:
Nagoya University International Conference Grant
Transformation of Food and Formation of Food Culture in the Anthropocene: Multigenerational Social Learning on Discourse of Quality and Continuity (JSPS KAKENHI Grant Number 21K18456)
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