2021 Global Architecture Exchanges: Impacts of COVID-19 on architecture - Topic 4, Session 1 of 2

This is Session 1 of 2 for Topic 4 in the 2021 Global Architecture Exchanges series: The impacts of COVID-19 on the way we practise architecture

Topic 4, Session 2 was held on 17 November 2021. This session includes speakers from Ireland, New Zealand, South Korea, the Netherlands, China and the UK.

This session explores how technology as a tool has enabled us to change how we practise architecture. Now is the opportunity to use the same tool to address social inequalities and encourage more diversity in the workplace (gender
equality, social background, inclusivity). The speakers also discuss how solutions currently being implemented in response to COVID-19 can reinforce, and potentially worsen some of the challenges that discourage a more diverse profession as well as
how COVID-19 demonstrates that the profession is resilient and open to change.

00:02:46 Pandemic & Practice: On site at The Marshall Building, LSE, Lincoln's Inn Fields
The Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland
Fiona Hughes, Anne Henry and David Healy - Associate Directors, Grafton Architects

00:20:39 Tiaho Mai - a new model for mental healthcare in New Zealand
New Zealand Institute of Architects
Rachel Rush - Managing Director, Klein

00:30:55 Experimentation for post-pandemic public space
Korean Institute of Architects
Heechan Park - Director, Studio Heech

00:44:22 Working from home during the pandemic
Royal Institute of Dutch Architects
Marjolein van Eig - Architect, BureauVanEig

00:50:05 Flexibility and Resilience of Urban Public Space in the Post-epidemic Era
The Architectural Society of China
TANG Wen Sheng - Deputy Chief Architect, Central South Architectural Design Institute
Co., Ltd.

00:59:04 International Working - the merits of the Remote Studio
Royal Institute of British Architects
Neil MacOmish - Board Director, Scott Brownrigg

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View Session 2 here: https://youtu.be/18EZJw50Rsc
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