2021 CT Land Trust Risk Management – Session 2: Governance & Finance

This session was initially presented on October 25, 2021 as a part of CLCC's virtual programming, Conserving Land by Staying Connected.

About this Session: The goal of this session is to help participants understand the governance and finance related risks to nonprofit organizations that are committed to protecting land in perpetuity. This includes considerations of your board, employees, and volunteers, as well as your reputation and budgetary needs.

About the CT Land Trust Risk Management Initiative:
The Land Trust Alliance and Connecticut Land Conservation Council are collaborating to bring the Connecticut Risk Management Initiative to you and your land trust – beginning with a series of workshops on October 18, 2021.

This new program is designed to help land trusts ensure the permanency of their work by understanding and identifying risk, and assessing current risk management strategies through a series of online training sessions.

What is risk management? A discipline for coping with uncertainty – for land trusts this includes examining areas of potential risk within the organization including governance, financial practices, land transactions, stewardship, and programming.

After participating in this program, your land trust will be better prepared to protect the organization and defend its conserved lands, as well as have a greater peace of mind that your organization is prepared to prevail in potential legal challenges in the future.
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