2021 ADB Governance Forum Session 3 Domestic Resource Mobilization

Objective of Session 3 (DRM): Compliance Risk Management(CRM) is a systematic approachtoenablerevenue authoritiesto maximize internal resourcesand to achieve cost effective administration.The COVID-19 pandemic has adversely affected taxrevenue collections as a result of the economic slowdown and individual taxpayers’compliance,due to extended deadlinesof tax filing and payment,as well as the incapacity of tax bodies to maintain tax enforcement.As tax administrationresourcesare even more restrictedin the midst of the pandemic,new challenges in its applicationhave emerged from the pandemic,and CRM is taking a morecrucialrole in securing revenue collections and restoring taxpayer compliance.Employing information and communication technology will also make tax administration more efficient and transparentand wouldsupplementthe effective implementation of CRM.The objective of this sessionis to explore how revenue authorities reinforce CRM to safeguard tax revenue collection and tax compliance, to sharethe experiences that ADBhas obtained through its supporttoDMCs towardsdeveloping CRM, and to discuss how CRM can be re-establishedand achieved,including through the use of digital technologies,in the aftermath of COVID-19.
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