2021 ADB Governance Forum Launch and Session 1

Objective of Session 1 (Quality Infrastructure Governance): The objective of this session is to contribute to a wider dialogue on practical issues to support QII in Developing Asia, and to ensure the implementation of the QII Principles. It begins with an introduction to the ADB Special Report on Supporting Quality Infrastructure in Developing Asia.This will be followed by a panel discussion of the key issues and challenges raised in the ADB Special Report, including institutional practices of multilateral development banks (MDBs) to improve project preparation and incentivize private investment in infrastructure at the national and sub-national levels, on a basis that is fiscally sound, affordable for users, and economically, socially, and financially sustainable. The panelists will also address the importance of mitigating, allocating, and managing climatic risks; the use of new technologies to improve both the management of infrastructure assets and the delivery of resilient infrastructure services; and capacity building in developing countries so as to integrate strategic investment planning into medium-term fiscal framework.
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