2021-2022 Anne Ray Intern Presentation

SAR’s 2021-2022 Anne Ray Interns present on their research, in-person exhibitions, and their time at SAR.

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Rachel Geiogamah

“Indigenous Collections Care”

With a specific focus on mount making, object labeling, housing, and collection reviews, this presentation discusses the Indigenous Collections Care practices the Anne Ray Interns participated in during their time at the IARC. The IARC Collection is considered by many to be one of the most remarkable assemblages of Southwestern Indigenous art in the world, and the stewardship of this collection continues to be a primary focus of IARC activities to maintain it for future generations. By looking in-depth at the IARC’s collections care processes and their collaborative stewardship practices, this presentation highlights the importance of collaboration in making strides to heal the colonial collection practices that museums were founded upon.
Learn more about the Guidelines for Collaboration: https://guidelinesforcollaboration.info/

Racquel West

“IARC Interns’ In-Person Exhibitions: A Digitization”

This presentation showcases the physical exhibitions the IARC interns co-curated during their internship. Featured exhibitions include the 2021-2022 “Henate’s Birds” Bays exhibit and two Pedestal exhibits, one on Depression Era jewelry and the other on basketry from tribes with land ties to Arizona. This collaborative curation process afforded interns the opportunity to learn new skills and implement various collection management practices. The presentation also acts as a digitization of these in-person exhibitions and discusses the collection access techniques used by the IARC.


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