2020+2021 recap

Ahhh!! I'm so sorry for not posting for well over a year, life has been so busy and lots has happened since the last time I posted! I bought myself a new laptop this year which has made editing so much easier! I have also since graduated from Hartpury with a degree in Equine Management. Over the past 2 years, I have been working on a variety of yards in various disciplines (dressage, SJ, dealer, stud, showing) and spent the past few weeks riding out at a racing yard, unfortunately, things didn't quite work out so I've come home for a bit to try and work out what to do next!

The biggest update, however, is that Lottie is now retired from ridden work :( I love that I have been able to document her progress (that word is questionable, lol) on this account and have lots of good memories to watch on here. Those of you that know her will know how difficult and sensitive she is, and whilst I don't like to label her, as a blind panic bolter, she is dangerous to be ridden, and what's worse is it doesn't take much to trigger her. I truly believe she has a processing disorder of some sort, though there is little research on these kinds of things within equines which is a shame.
There was also a pain aspect that may have contributed to this, and also definitely caused some other less serious behavioral problems. Disappointingly, the vets were pretty unhelpful, and due to her history of bolting suggested retiring her, rather than going down the route of investigative work.

I have owned Lottie for over 5 years now and she is without a doubt the most difficult horse I have ever met, even now we still have really, really bad days. Granted they occur far fewer than when I first had her, but they are a firm reminder of how easily she is upset and that it is not something that can be 'fixed'. Lotts is super special to me, and I aim to keep her for the rest of her life. That being said, she is unfortunately not a low-maintenance horse, and I would hate for my commitments to her to hold me back from potential opportunities and me resent her for that. I am just hoping that wherever I end up in the future, she will be able to be by my side, but not get too much in the way!

Sorry for the essay, but I felt like it all needed to be said! I'm also apologizing now for how minimal effort this edit is lmao. I'm sure I will eventually have a play around with some new styles and have something to post :)

Thank you, and Happy New Year!!♥

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