20 Most Miserable Cities in Europe

20 Most Miserable Cities in Europe.

The world has descended into turmoil after the pandemic. It's made life difficult for almost everyone with changes in our lifestyles, fear of the unknown, sickness, death, and depressed economics. Other factors that influence the perceived and real quality of life include unemployment and inflation, contributing to the overall misery of life for people in some sectors of society.

We looked at the European front and found that several countries have a high misery score for their citizens. England, Italy, Spain, and France report some of the most miserable living conditions for some people. We first looked at the most miserable countries then broke it down into the cities with the largest concentrations of sad residents. The European Commission Health and Consumer Protection Directorate-General issued a report that highlights some of the most depressed and unwell cities in the EU. They cited high numbers of mental health diagnoses among their citizens. The numbers are sobering. Here are the twenty most miserable cities in Europe. We've included the reasons why the quality of life is currently taking a downturn.

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