20-Min Upper Body Strengthening for KYPHOSIS (Scheuermann's/Structural/Postural) MODERATE level

Happy New Year!

Let’s get moving after allllll that holiday sitting and lounging - activate your back muscles to better support your spine.

This is also perfect for all of you with Scheuermann’s Kyphosis, structural kyphosis, or general rounding of the back - this is an upper body strengthening workout! Feel free to use dumbbells, hand weights, or soup cans to make this workout harder.

These movements were chosen to improve common kyphotic patterns that our therapists see at The ScoliClinic. And for everyone with scoliosis, this upper body strengthening workout is great for you too since all the movements are done in a neutral spine position.

If it's your first time joining us, maximize your workouts by watching our explainer video, which describes our commonly used cues:

Release stress and tension with our 18-minute Mobility Routine for Scheuermann’s Kyphosis: https://youtu.be/llXZKXGoebo

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Enjoy your workout!

1) Posterior Neck Elongation Self-Massage with hands
2) Supine deep neck flexor activation
3) Supine shoulder flexion
4) Supine hamstring dynamic stretch
5) Pec Self-Massage with ball

6) Hip hinge: Row to T
7) Hip hinge: Bicep Curl to Y
8) Overhead press facing wall
9) Shoulder Extension facing wall

10) High plank to downward dog
11) Bird Dog
12) Standing Unilateral Pec Stretch in doorframe

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*Although the movements are designed to maintain a neutral spine position, this general workout is NOT meant to replace treatment by a scoliosis-trained Physiotherapist, who can provide curve-specific exercises. If you're looking to prevent progression of your curve or address pain or other symptoms, please seek scoliosis-specific treatment and discuss any specifics of your condition with a medical professional who knows your situation.
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