1st DFM Data Team Governance meeting July 13, 2020 - Kickoff

July 13, 2020 - Governance Advisor Discussion
Note: Our general practice is to record meetings and video minutes to share with present and future
stakeholders for learning purposes.
Governance Overview
Effective and collaborative governance is a key component in successful blockchain deployment. The
model below presents a governance structure in support of DFMDC’s utility platform.
The model is comprised of two groups, a Steering Committee and a Utilization Working Group. The
Steering Committee owns the strategic direction of the DFMDC utility. At a minimum, its intent is to approve
members, resolve issues, provide direction on ecosystem processes and procedures, review success metrics,
and comply to regulatory and fiduciary reporting requirements. The Utilization Working Group provides
direction and oversight of the technical design and architecture decisions. It is also responsible for the
operational usability, including onboarding and change management.
Steering Committee
• Member enrollment & voting
• Process and procedures
• Compliance
Utilization Working Group
• Solution design and sequence of steps
• Onboarding
Confidential and Proprietary 2
As it relates to the following, the Steering Committee will:
Member enrollment & voting:
• Composed of a minimum of three members, with 11 members at full capacity. With 11
members, DFMs will designate six members; DFMDC will designate two members; independent
standards bodies will designate two members, and one member will represent an academic or
governing body organization.
• Voting is majority rule with one vote per member.
• Members may be removed for cause with 2/3rds consent.
Process and procedures:
• Identify DFMDC-specific process and procedures
• Secure agreement of the Utilization Working Group to new process and procedures (requires
Utilization Working Group participant lead)
• Secure approval for Wiki or other knowledge management system as a mechanism to share
DFMDC processes and procedures
• Identify regulatory reporting and provide a consolidated monthly report
• Provide fiduciary reporting if required (dependent upon legal structure)
As it relates to the following, the Utilization Working Group will:
Solution design & sequence of steps:
• Manage the solution design and associated processes to support it
• Manage the operational integrity of the network
• Align with other industry and standards groups and DFMs
• Include Know Your Customer (KYC), networking connectivity, software setup, node testing,
database synchronization, and key exchange.
• Identify training requirements of each DFM as part of onboarding.
Confidential and Proprietary 3
Steering Committee
Purpose The Steering Committee, at a minimum, owns the strategic direction,
reviews success metrics, resolves issues, provides direction on
ecosystem processes and procedures, and complies to regulatory and
fiduciary reporting requirements.
Frequency As needed during initial phases; once per month after launch
Participants Designated champions from each DFM, DMFDC, Advisors
Goals 1. Review all performance reports, SLAs, KPIs from Utilization Working
2. Address dispute concerns
3. Share lessons learned/good practices
4. Review/agree action plans
5. Act as “tiebreaker” and champion of DFMDC utility
Inputs Performance reports, Disputes, Greenlighted Ideas, etc.
Outputs Updates to governance structure and direction to Utility Working Group,
as required
Lead DMFDC Governance
Utilization Working Group
Purpose Review performance, identify challenges, and agree on additional
feature set.
Frequency As needed during initial phase; weekly after launch
Participants DFMDC, DFMs, designated Steering Committee advisors
Goals 1. Review performance, throughput, SLAs, KPIs
2. Review transaction volumes
3. Review accomplishments and challenges
4. Review shipper and carrier concerns
5. Share best practices
6. Discuss additional training requirements
Inputs CEO:
Ops: Performance scorecard, training requests, feature requests
(including change management)
Outputs Updated scorecard, agenda items for the Steering Committee
Lead DFMDC Operations
Project owner: M. Darden, [email protected]
Project lead: D. McCurdy, [email protected]
Confidential and Proprietary
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