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Tesla is the first major OEM to produce and sell EVs at scale and it is one of the most important companies of our time. Lucid Motors is an upstart EV company, and whether people want to admit it or not, they are a direct competitor to Tesla. Much has been made about the fact that that the top of the line Lucid models are more luxurious, have more range, and offer other design benefits over Tesla vehicles. However, it is important to remember that, despite these positive attributes, Tesla, as a company, still has several advantages over Lucid, as a company, and virtually all other EV manufacturers. This video serves as a very detailed reminder of that fact.

FOLLOW-UP VIDEO: 17 Advantages LUCID has over Tesla: https://youtu.be/wJ_NAyszU00

0:01 Intro
2:10 The Known vs The Unknown
12:28 More Models
18:52 Battery Technology
26:37 Manufacturing Plants p4
28:49 Financial Juggernaut p5
33:43 World Domination p6
37:37 Supercharger Network p7
41:18 Tesla FSD p8
45:47 Tesla is Proven p9
49:41 Hertz Deal p10
51:52 Sources of Revenue p11
56:46 Learned from Mistakes p12
1:00:52 Name Brand Recognition p13
1:05:13 Scaling Production p14
1:08:26 Best Promoters p15
1:13:55 Rabid Fanbase p16
1:15:00 No Advertising p17
1:16:26 Insane Growth p18
1:19:07 "Tesla Killer"
1:21:20 Conclusion

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