150 Days Strategy To Crack NEET 2024 Exam | NEET 2024 Preparation | NEET Study Plan,Time Management

Are you ready to crack NEET 2024 exam? With the announcement of NEET exam date 2024 just around the corner, you have approx. 150 days remaining to score 650+ Marks in NEET 2024 exam. With just 150 days to go for NEET 2024, what should be your NEET Preparation strategy, what to expect from NEET 2024, how to use the NEET previous year paper trends for NEET 2024 exam, and what are the new changes introduced in the NEET Syllabus 2024?

To get your NEET exam queries answered catch Infinity Learn NEET by Shri Chaitanya expert Beena Ma’am live as he discusses all crucial aspects of NEET 2024 exam. Know how to tackle the surprises that NEET 2024 can throw on D-Day. Know important tips that could help you gain marks. So, watch the 150 Days NEET 2024 Preparation Strategy session to ace your NEET exam prep. Our NEET expert Beena Ma'am is here to discuss How to Crack NEET 2024 in 5 months and also provide you NEET Study Plan, Time Management Tips for NEET exam, NEET exam date 2023, NEET exam pattern, NEET Preparation tips, tricks, and strategies to help you to crack the NEET exam.

Important Points cover in this Strategy Session

-Study Plan
-Time Management
-What’s New in NEET 2024
-Decoding the Changes
-What to Expect from NEET 2024
-Golden Strategy & More

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Important Chapters in NEET 2024
Genetics and Evolution
Ecology and Environment
Human Physiology
Plant Physiology
Cell Structure & Function
Human Reproduction
Diversity in the Living World
Structural Organisation in Animals and Plants

Chemical Bonding
Coordination Compounds
General Organic Chemistry
Alkyl Halides
Alcohol & Ether
Stoichiometry & Mole Concept

Laws of Motion
Work, Energy and Power
Heat & Thermodynamics
Modern Physics
Current Electricity & Magnetism
Electromagnetic Waves
Gravitational Physics

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