13 2 1 多结点的力矩分配法

《结构力学》(Structural Mechanics)主要研究在外力和其他因素作用下结构的内力、变形以及组成规律的一门学科。它以土木工程专业为主,面向土木大类专业(工程管理、建筑学、环境工程、给水排水工程、建筑环境与设备工程专业等)本科生开设的专业基础课。它的先行课程是:理论力学和材料力学;后行课程是:混凝土结构、钢结构、桥梁结构、给水排水工程等专业课程。该课程是土木工程师进行工程结构计算、设计、施工的重要工具
Structural mechanics is a subject that mainly studies the internal force, deformation and composition law of structures under the action of external forces and other factors. It is a professional basic course for undergraduates majoring in Civil Engineering (engineering management, architecture, environmental engineering, water supply and drainage engineering, building environment and equipment engineering, etc.). Its advanced courses are: Theoretical Mechanics and material mechanics; Later courses are: concrete structure, steel structure, bridge structure, water supply and drainage engineering and other professional courses. This course is an important tool for civil engineers to calculate, design and construct engineering structures
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