12 Healthiest Foods You Should Eat In The Morning

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A good morning routine and a healthy breakfast will help you conquer the day. Unfortunately, most people only have coffee for breakfast and skip the most important meal of the day.

Why? Well, it’s a long list of excuses: “No time”, “I have to catch the bus”, “I am already late”, “I don’t like eating so early” and so on.

Other people prefer to stop by the local pastry shop and get a donut or pancake for breakfast. However, these “sweet delights” are loaded with lots of saturated fats and sugars and little to no protein or fiber.

So, what should you eat in the morning that is both healthy and keeps you going until midday? Let’s see!

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Intro - 00:00
1. Fruits - 01:03
2. Salmon - 02:32
3. Cottage cheese - 02:54
4. Protein shakes - 03:32
5. Black tea - 04:27
6. Greek yogurt - 05:16
7. Nuts - 05:46
8. Sweet potatoes - 06:46
9. Flaxseed - 07:29
10. Whole wheat toast - 08:27
11. Spinach - 09:09
12. Eggs - 09:30

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Healthy Breakfast Foods
Healthy Morning Foods
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