#116 Staying Calm During Market Volatility | Do More With Your Money

As interest rates rise and inflation increases, what can you do to navigate the inevitable market volatility? Our Investment Management and Financial Advice teams come together to discuss goal setting and the importance of a long-term perspective.

0:00 Central Bank Interest Rate rises and Inflation

5:55 True Potential's founding philosophy

8:47 A clear view of your Investments with True Potential

10:22 Is volatility in markets always present?

14:01 Trust the Investment Management experts

17:49 True Potential's Advanced Diversification to help navigate market volatility

23:55 Back your decision to invest and focus on your goal

25:52 When is the best time to invest?

30:43 Speak to your financial adviser if you have any concerns

31:44 Looking forward - what's next for markets and investors?

34:32 Our message to clients - stick to your goal and trust the experts

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